2020 – Smart Energy Focus

Smart Energy Focus 2020

The route to a smart energy transition is covered in this special feature on Smart Energy where our lead story addresses overcoming...
The growth in utility management interest occurred after Eskom said rotational power outages were here to stay until at least March 2022.

Ed’s letter: Preparing for a decade of smart energy action

Let’s debate whether Africa is ready for a smart energy transition. Do these success stories show that we are already underway?
Surprising trends influencing solar PV technology

The challenge: Financing utility-scale solar PV using bifacial technology

Bifacial solar technology results in an overall increase in energy generation of the asset, but also calls for unique financing writes UL.

Practice and experience: Power industry reform

State Grid Corporation of China reflects on China’s power industry reform to present a new perspective for consideration.

How digitalisation is reshaping the energy sector

Digitalisation is making inroads into every sector and energy is not immune to this disruption. This article explores what this transformation actually means for the electricity network.

The nitty-gritty of big data-based analytical tools and standardising

Big data analytics enables the energy utility sector to optimise power generation and planning. But this is not always a smooth sailing practice.
energy poverty

Urban energy poverty needs a smart resolution

Can smart energy solutions increase access to electricity and therefore reduce energy poverty? Energy expert Peta Wolpe, addresses this topic.
Eskom wins case to cut electricity supply to non-paying customers

Analyses of free electricity as a social relief measure

By mid-April 2020, 13 African countries had announced free electricity as part of their COVID-19 crisis for poor households.

Is blockchain the enabler of cross-border energy trading?

The uptake of sensors and smart devices has set the electricity sector firmly on the edge of digitalisation. Where does blockchain fit into this unfolding smart grid scenario?

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