2020 – Municipal Utilities Focus

Municipal Utilities Focus 2020

As municipalities are tasked with delivering sustainable and affordable services to growing populations, we explore a number of ideas that can assist...
sustainable businessRoof space is not wasted thanks to the solar panels in Zanzibar. Source: Verde Hotels

Taking notes from a greening sustainable business

Smart cities and municipalities can learn much from the integrated green principles and practices undertaken through an eco-friendly business model.
water desalination

Water security from desalination: A story of technology innovation

While not all water desalination plants produce at the same efficiency levels, there are some incredibly positive examples of new technology.
virtual reality lighting

Virtual reality influencing public lighting designs

The use of immersive virtual reality as a tool for lighting design is a topic that is drawing great interest in the scientific community.

Surprising results from waste management innovation

Innovative ways for municipalities to meet their sanitation and waste management obligations even where power or water are in short supply.
Op-ed: Utility management an urgent priority for new developments

A conversation with Paul Vermeulen on batteries being part of the...

Paul Vermeulen is a big proponent of unbundling SA’s power utility, Eskom, into transmission, generation and distribution companies.

Champions supporting our energy generation transition

Absa expands on why municipalities are a key role player in, and enabler of, the energy generation transition in South Africa.

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