2020 – Issue 1

Tidal energy

Tidal energy not just testing the waters but here to stay!

The abundance of ocean surface makes wave and tidal energy an infinite source of clean energy. In this article, we look at countries leading the way.
electric vehicles

New kid on South African roads could have been a contender

In this article we explore why there is a low percentage of EVs on South African roads, even though they have could effectively reduce CO2 emissions.
Wärtsilä: Hybrid projects are a competitive solution for South Africa

Trending topic: The rise of battery storage

Kaloyan Dimov, CEO of Solar MD, draws attention to some key applications of battery storage to optimising the grid in integrating renewables.
solar trading

Local flair transforms clean energy funding in Somalia

Guled Wiliq, the CEO and founder of Power Offgrid Somalia paints a picture of how solar energy is imporoving electricity access rate.
Mercy Chelangat. IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa

Kenya’s green at heart techie is devoted to smart villages

Mercy Chelangat, an electrical engineer and IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa, talks about emerging technologies and electrification strategies.

Five options clearing the way to cut emissions

Renewables and energy efficiency are key to a successful energy transition and to driving down energy-related CO2 emissions.
net zero

Moulding the future of an advanced bioeconomy

Are you open to following seven steps to secure a bioeconomy, which will have an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Renewable market in Nigeria: It’s time to pitch in!

During the 2019 edition of Future Energy Nigeria in Lagos in November, the event launched an RE Pitch Session for renewable energy entrepreneurs.
Koeberg Unit 2

The Big Question: Extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants

Industry experts share their knowledge on the considerations that must be taken into account when extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants.
nuclear power plants

Nuclear energy: The silent giant under attack

Nuclear power plants' low-carbon technology appears to be the perfect solution to climate change, yet these silent giants are losing the popularity battle.

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