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2020 – Clean Power Focus

Clean Power Focus 2020

Have you noticed the dramatic growth (of more than 16% a year) in the global consumption of electricity from renewable sources? In this edition’s supplement we look at the clean power solutions that are...

In 2020 the ESI Africa print editions remain in vogue

The ESI Africa editorial team talk about the trending topics featured in the latest print edition of the journal, which has a strong focus on clean power.
Namport Green hydrogen.

An unfettered energy revolution lies in green hydrogen resources

Green hydrogen could offer alternative ways to decarbonise a range of sectors where it is proving difficult to reduce CO2 emissions meaningfully.
thermal power

New decade: Will thermal drown in the wake of clean power?

During the early days of energy supply, thermal power ruled the generation technology mix. It was reliable, robust and cheap. But that dominance is ending.

Hydrogen Energy System overcomes capacity fluctuation hurdle

Hydrogen energy storage systems is the answer to renewable energy’s fluctuating capacity, according to insights from Toshiba.

Cider plant’s biogas by-product fulfils sustainability goals

SustainPower's combined heat and power unit at Distell's cider manufacturing operation converts the effluent treatment plant’s biogas by-product into power.
net zero by 2050

Solar company has cast a long shadow into new decade

Over the last decade, JinkoSolar has delivered 55GW, to more than 3,500 customers in 140 countries and has been named the World’s No.1 Solar Module Company.

Securing utility revenue as the generation mix evolves

Conlog writes on the importance of revenue management and the spin-offs in the utility's operations while the emergence of renewable energy takes hold.
Ghana re-examines gas supply agreement with Cenpower

Factors at play where LNG prospects are taking hold

ESI Africa brought together experts from the field to dissect the factors that influence the LNG outlook, now and into the future.
Tidal energy

Tidal energy not just testing the waters but here to stay!

The abundance of ocean surface makes wave and tidal energy an infinite source of clean energy. In this article, we look at countries leading the way.
electric vehicles

New kid on South African roads could have been a contender

In this article we explore why there is a low percentage of EVs on South African roads, even though they have could effectively reduce CO2 emissions.