2019 – Issue 5

ESI Africa Edition 5 2019

This issue of ESI Africa embarks on a journey of discovery! Read articles on pushing the limits of smart energy, load demand...

Initiatives boost public e-mobility and smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to a discussion around infrastructure and networks for Smart Cities and the role of electric vehicles in the energy transition.

Is developing the wind energy market warranted?

This article highlights the revolution brought on by bringing wind power onto the energy system, based on a webinar 'Speeding up wind energy growth'.

Elevating hydropower to meet generation demand

The International Hydropower Association anticipates Africa’s hydropower installed capacity to grow by about 4,700MW over the next two to three years.

Cybersecurity: The other utility capacity gap

Michael John, Director of Operations at the European Network for Cybersecurity writes about how utilities should be addressing cyber threats.
energy access

Cultivating a new type of African bank

AfDB and CIF commissioned the Coalition for Green Capital to prepare a study on the creation of national climate change funds and green banks in Africa.

Twelve reasons to transform utility distribution networks

Electric utilities can transform their assets from utility-infrastructure to utility-telecom to optimise through the reuse of networks to generate revenue.
CEO Forum

A matter of trust, when Utility CEOs meet

African Utility Week's side event titled Utility CEO Forums has evolved into a year-round exclusive network of African Utility CEOs within the power sector.

Is your utility ready for the evolution of load demand forecasting?

Accurate short-term load forecasting is an important tool used by spot market players in the daily energy dispatch process in a power system.

What’s driving the global demand for communicating meters?

The electricity meter market continues the journey towards AMI deployment, with 109 million communicating meters shipped globally in 2018.

The Big Question: Predictions for 2020

We connected with industry stakeholders to ask The Big Question: What are your top predictions for 2020, with a message to stakeholders for the year ahead?

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