2019 – issue 4

transportation trends

Transporting customers through data analysis

ESI Africa asked Ald. Felicity Purchase, the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, about the impact of 4IR on the transport sphere.

The virtual power plant market in real terms

The virtual power plant market formd part of the solutions that ensure the power utilities to remain on par with the unfolding fourth industrial revolution.

The emergence of grid-interactive buildings

Energy demand is growing at 5% per annum, and once buildings become the home for charging stations for electric vehicles, demand may increase by a further 15 to 20% per annum.

Manage non-technical losses: Collect, prevent, and detect

To reduce non-technical losses and therefore increase revenue, a comprehensive understanding of the entire metering ecosystem is needed.
intelligent utility

The practice of the Internet of Things in Electricity

Cross-border operations, which presents a new pattern of power production and consumption, is opening the market for the Internet of Things in Electricity.
distribution transformer

How to reduce distribution transformer technical losses

In Africa, a persistent challenge is the high rate of failure of distribution transformers, which leads to the complete shut down in distribution networks.
wind energy

Meeting the challenges of DER integration

Spurred on by this investment, renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) are now becoming an increasing part of the energy generation mix.
Smart cities

Four pillars to enable a Smart City dream

What are the crucial factors needed to deliver a new smart city? Ntiyiso Consulting gives an overview of this city comprising of four pillars.

Elementary automation without communications

The most elementary case of Smart Grid automation is of an Auto-Changeover (ACO) Scheme without peer-to-peer communications.

Introducing an all-in-one test unit for motors

Megger has combined all of the functions frequently required for testing electric motors in a unique and innovative hand-held instrument, the MTR105 static motor analyser.

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