2019 – issue 4

ESI Africa Edition 4 2019

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distribution networks

Technical aspects to planning and designing LV distribution networks

Using the Kenyan low voltage (LV) network as an example, the following checklist will endeavour to make for easier planning and safer designs.
renewable energy investment

Factors that impact the delivery of distributed energy

Here are a few influences that will need attention to enable smoother delivery of distributed energy projects for rural communities.

Did somebody say distributed / decentralised?

How can Nigeria increase access to electricity? The answer may lie in decentralised energy policy – a keynote topic at Future Energy Nigeria.
thermal power

Behind the scenes at a thermal power plant

This year’s Future Energy Nigeria conference and exhibition offers the opportunity to be part of a technical site visit tour to a thermal power plant.
meter rollout

Accelerating the shift to communicating meters

Legislation and the evolving grid are pushing utilities to an increasingly data-heavy environment, which is driving the demand for communicating meters.

Taking the AMI route to market

Case study into the AMIplus Smart City Wroclaw project, one of the largest advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart metering deployments in Poland.
loadshedding storm

When lightning strikes, have these protective measures in place

An effective lightning protection plan needs to be cost-effective, aesthetically inconspicuous, and protect people and assets to an acceptable level.

Highlights from the 2019 Africa Energy Forum

Here are some of the most memorable moments from the 21st edition of the Africa Energy Forum, which took place in Lisobon.
power utility

Building the power utility of the future, today

Smart City infrastructure, Internet of Things, and low orbit satellite systems, are the factors to buildign the power utility of the future, today.
Kenya Power improves customer service.

How to appreciate the impact of the 4IR on customer service

4IR - driven by digital technology, has the ability to integrate biological, physical and digital elements to enable faster decision-making.

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