2019 – Issue 3


A smart theme is gradually unfolding for Africa’s utility sector to...

The digital divide is evident in Africa’s utilities, where embracing the smart meter revolution is yet to be fully realised for various reasons.
Joan Chahenza

Women in Energy: $1 billion dollars in negotiations

Renewable energy finance professional, Joan Chahenza, has contributed to structuring and tariff setting for projects totalling over $1 billion.

Our future lies in the energy of youth

“In 30 years, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world, so the youth of today have to be aware of...

The Big Question: East Africa’s development

Even though energy, water, transportation, and ICT infrastructure growth is often hindered by policy uncertainty and lack of funding there are impressive success stories unfolding...
energy transition

Paving the road for industry collaboration

There is no shortage of institutions in East Africa that are active in the small-scale renewable energy technology space for both grid-tied and off-grid...
small hydro

Small hydro project boosts mini-grid impact

The award-winning Rubagabaga Hydropower Plant, a 445kW grid-connected, run-of-the-river project located in the Northern Province of Rwanda, has made a very large impact on the...
Energy progress

Energy progress: One mini-grid project at a time

The East Africa power and energy market is an example of how developers, funders, utilities and consumers are evolving and accommodating sustainable solutions. It is...
geothermal energy

Geothermal energy: The champion of East Africa’s thermal prosperity

Thermal energy has a negative connotation as its predominant source is coal-fired power; however, globally geothermal resources are on the rise as they produce far...
IHA investments

A guide to hydropower projects and investors navigating climate risks

IHA launched the Hydropower Sector Climate Resilience Guide that will help the hydropower industry become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Lighting 2.0: The story behind the Internet of Lights

The lighting industry’s move away from traditional lighting methods to Solid State Lighting (SSL) is enabling increased control capabilities, and reduced operational costs and energy...

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