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2019 – Issue 3

ESI Africa Edition 3 2019

Keen on developments in the East Africa region, we address geothermal, hydropower and mini-grids in ESI Africa Issue 3. This edition also embarks on unpacking the elements of smart metering, lighting 2.0, cities’ relationship with climate change, a novel approach to combating NTL, and an interesting perspective on waste-heat.

‘Meters online’ breathe new life into energy management

Encapsulated in the evolution of the electricity supply industry currently underway are various technology advancements – and at the pinnacle of progress sits the smart meter, which, when used optimally, provides benefits to all stakeholders. Innovative smart meter solutions,...
off-grid power

In search of off-grid power to combat Africa’s low energy access rates

Traditional large-scale power plants and long-distance transmission and distribution networks have proved ineffectual in reaching rural communities. The search is now on for a clean, secure, modular, and mobile off-grid power solution to fill the energy void. Sustainable Power...
power utilities

A new tool in building trust between power utilities and investors

By Samuel Obbie Banda, African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) The payment history of African power utilities has fuelled the perception that these companies are not investor friendly. However, the Transparency Tool, which aims to change investor sentiment by...

How to turn Hustlers into Super Heroes

Municipalities in South Africa are increasingly considering the option to replace their analogue meters with smart ‘next generation’ meters, which deliver real-time or periodic interval metering data. In theory, smart meters are intended to ready the utilities for...

Empowering utilities to modernise their electricity network

This article reviews a network performance evaluation after Nigerian power utility Ikeja Electric deployed NOJA Power OSM Reclosers to stabilise and improve the distribution company’s network reliability. Auto-reclosing circuit breakers have a remarkable capability to improve SAIDI...
Elsewedy Electric

Tanzania Rufiji Dam: Elsewedy Electric expands its footprint in Africa

As the energy market transitions to smaller, centralised planning, the future of mega power project development continues to hold its ground. ESI Africa spoke with Elsewedy Electric, a company that has considerable experience in delivering large-scale renewable and...
water sector

Why water utilities should go with the flow

The United Nations estimates the world to face a 40% water supply shortage, added to this many African countries already face water supply challenges.
Abu Dhabi

Top 100 start-ups to present their business models in Abu Dhabi

One hundred finalists from the international Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Awards, for the most innovative and effective business models in the areas of energy transition and climate protection, are participating in the 24th World Energy Congress in...
Africa Energy Forum

Reflecting on Africa’s ‘Year of Light’

As four days of debate, discussion, business and innovation got underway in Lisbon, Portugal the message was clear – Africa Energy Forum (aef) 2019 not only serves as a link between investors, dignitaries and officials; it’s also...

Waste heat: An untapped energy source

Buildings and factories are wasting huge amounts of heat into the atmosphere through air conditioning, refrigeration and production processes. In an innovative circular economy move, Life4HeatRecovery, an EU-funded programme, aims to reverse this by...