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2019 – Digitalisation focus

Digitalisation focus 2019

Accepting that progress in digitalisation will continue to transform Africa’s utility markets, our focus for ESI Africa Issue 3 explores how digital aspects such as mobile communication, technical skills, AI and IoT, and automation are shaping the next-gen power, energy and water utility sectors.
Virtual reality

How digital trends are moulding your future workforce

A recent report by IFC, in cooperation with L.E.K. Consulting hightlights the importance of investing in human capital to keep up with digital trends.

AI and IoT: A new kind of automation is coming

AI will combine with new-generation sensors to create a new kind of business automation. Digital twins will help companies see their businesses anew, with shared simulations that offer security in investment and product development...

5G uptake: Five questions African utilities must explore

The vision of 5G is that users will have the impression of continuous connectivity with unlimited bandwidth everywhere. This is the culmination of four decades of technological progress in mobile communications and one which will find its...

A smart theme is gradually unfolding for Africa’s utility sector to embrace

The digital divide is evident in Africa’s utilities, where embracing the smart meter revolution is yet to be fully realised for various reasons.