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2017 – Issue 4

ESI 4 2017 cover

ESI Africa Edition 4, 2017

The fourth edition of ESI Africa takes you on a virtual journey into Nigeria, uncovering the value of local banks in the energy and power market and government’s strategy behind the deployment of prepaid...
business model

Municipal business model in flux

As the electricity sector transitions into a highly competitive market, where micro-grids, small-scale embedded generation (SSEG), energy efficiency solutions and the concept of ‘prosumers’ are taking hold, municipalities must adapt to the changing business...

Measurement of Nigerian metering

In June, the Nigerian government announced that the Ministry of Power is to take over the deployment of prepaid electric meters following the failure by utility firms in equipping all consumers with prepayment technology,...

Utilities grasp ICT advances

Adapting to a more interconnected and digital world is a tremendous transition that African utilities are exploring with intent to better their overall product offering and service delivery. An already complex entity, utilities are...
energy efficiency

The evolution of energy efficiency in commercial buildings

When adopting energy saving bulbs, in most cases owners, managing agents and residents of commercial buildings are more concerned with reducing power consumption – with the ultimate goal being the reduction of electricity costs....
hydroelectric power plant

Approaches to hydropower operations and maintenance

In the context of aging hydropower infrastructure, there is a clear need for forward-looking operations and maintenance (O&M) strategies that can achieve the best outcomes under financial and resource-limited constraints. the International Hydropower Association...