2017 – Issue 3

ESI 3 2017

ESI Africa Edition 3, 2017

The verdict is out – from a rising interest in East Africa to tracking geothermal market growth – the third edition for ESI Africa...

Tapping geothermal potential with first of its kind technology in Kenya

In its quest to generate more reliable, clean energy, Kenya has become the first country worldwide to pioneer new geothermal wellhead technology. The technique...
Future Energy Uganda

East Africa Preview: Future Energy Uganda

In a recent World Bank study on the “Financial Viability of Electricity Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Uganda lists as one of only two countries...

Spectrum for utilities to support critical communications

Although all types of utilities use radio frequency spectrum to support their mission critical functions, it is typically electricity utilities that are by far...

Energy specialist traversing sector doctrines

Being responsible for the technical review of all the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)’s energy projects in Africa is a sizeable task, which...

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