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Zimbabwe announces plans to build regional power line

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has revealed plans to construct a 1,000km regional power line next year in partnership with Mozambique and South Africa.

The company’s systems development manager, engineer Ikhupuleng Dube, said the establishment of the power line would result in the construction of a mega power station in Triangle, that would distribute power to the southern African region, the Herald reported.

Dube said the power line would originate in Mozambique, pass through southern Zimbabwe and end in South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province.

“We are rolling out construction work for a 400kVA power line with maximum capacity of carrying 1,740MW,” he said.

Regional power line

Dube continued: “We are seated at the hub of the region, meaning power has to come through Zimbabwe and we are now establishing a super grid so that power from the north, east, west and south comes to Zimbabwe and then we distribute it to where it would be required.”

“In line with that, we are developing projects like Zisavona and Mozisa, which we are speaking about here. On Mozisa, we are finalising technical studies by September this year and we hope to finish the environmental studies in 21 days.”

Dube said the project would be funded by the Development Bank of Southern Africa to the total of $244 million.

“We anticipate finishing construction work by 2021 because the longest area to be constructed will be in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Construction in phases

He explained: “The line will be done in phases. First, we have the Orange Grove (Mozambique) to Triangle and that one has already gone to tender, selected a contractor and we have carried out contract negotiations.

“The second leg is between Triangle and Njelele in South Africa. We are finalising preparatory work. From Orange Grove to Triangle, we are talking about $134 million and a massive substation will be constructed in Triangle.” Read more…

Dube assured that those affected by the construction of the power line would be compensated, media reported.

“In line with this ambitious project of building a 1,000km power line originating from Northern Mozambique, a corridor of 60 metres in width is required,” Dube said.

“We are going to compensate fully all those who will be affected by this development. We will build houses, drill boreholes and compensate those whose farming activities would be interrupted during the actual construction work,” he stated.

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