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Who are the 150 most influential figures in Africa’s Power sector?

50 mostFor the first time ever, the definitive guide to the key individuals shaping the power industry in Africa.

  • Who are the movers and shakers in all the African Utilities?
  • Who are the real power brokers in the Ministries of Energy and of Power in all the African states?
  • What are their visions?
  • How are they preparing for their future needs?
  • What can you do to influence them and be seen as a strong partner?

The answers to these questions are in the pages of the “The most influential People in Power”. This unique guide book is divided regionally into South, West and East Africa and each guide book will contain biographies, vision statements, and future plans of the top 150 movers and shakers on the continent. It is essential reading for all those who operate or wish to get involved in this lucrative sector. Never has such valuable information been collated and distributed to the entire African power sector. The distribution is both in print and digital and will reach the heart of the biggest  African Utilities and Ministries.

Click here to see a list of the confirmed key figures.

The book itself will be presented to the leadership teams of each utility as well as the procurement departments of those utilities. Total digital distribution will be to over 150,000 individuals from our powerful database and is designed to saturate the market.

In addition, printed copies will be presented to all the delegates at three powerful exhibitions:

  • African Utility Week, Cape Town
  • West African Power Industry Convention, Lagos
  • East African Power Industry Convention, Nairobi

There are a limited number of advertising positions available for vendor companies to align themselves with the industry and to be seen as partners in driving success in this $50billion industry.

Take a page of advertising for just $900 per regional publication, in a prime position or next to the CEO of a key utility that you value and let the 150,000 leaders and procurement teams see you as a potential partner.

It is very simple and extremely cost effective. And there is nothing else like it in the industry!

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