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Angola anticipates completion of Nzeto power substation in June

In Angola, the Nzeto power substation is anticipated for completion by June this year, which will see the 753MW Soyo combined cycle power plant transmitting electricity to Zaire, Bengo and Luanda provinces.

Engineer Francisco Mulongo confirmed the development to local media, Angola Press, stating that the project has three voltage levels from 220 kilovolts to the municipalities of Mbanza Congo, Nóqui, Tomboco and Kuimba, 60 for Zaire and 400 kilovolts to Luanda.

Nzeto power substation- 80% complete

Mulongo, responsible for the construction of the Nzeto power substation project, revealed that to date the 400 and 60 kilovolts lines of the substation have already been completed. This leaves only the 220 line, which he said is already 80% complete.

The media reported that the 400 kilovolts line for Luanda has three single-phase transformers 30 MVAs, and the equipment and porticos that are already assembled, are being tested.

Botswana evaluates solar energy potential

In other energy news in southern Africa, Botswana energy firm, Sechaba Natural Resources Company, has embarked on a feasibility study seeking to investigate the potential for commercial solar photovoltaic development in the North West District (NWD).

The study will include the assessment of solar technology, the project site, designs for the lines and substations and studies to verify the technical viability of the different design options, reported AllAfrica.com.

The proposed solar power stations to be developed in Toteng, Mawana, Phuduhudu and Xhanio will be positioned near existing electrical infrastructure.

Proposed projects to reduce power imports

[quote]Addressing the NWD council about the proposed projects, the company’s spokesperson, Comfort Molosiwa, motivated that the project estimated to cost P1.2 billion ($107.5 million) is aimed at addressing power shortages in the district.

He added that Botswana is aiming to reduce dependence on power imports from neighbouring countries.

Molosiwa then appealed for support and assistance from councillors in securing more land as the projects will require 300 hectares of land, adding that so far efforts in applying for land at Toteng had been unsuccessful.

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