Smarter Mobility Africa aims to inspire and transform mobility across the continent. Despite the challenges experienced during the pandemic, smarter mobility has taken an unconventional journey by delivering a first-class digital event. A highly sought-after digital event that includes conversations around Walking & Cycling, Public Transport, Electric Vehicles, and Mobility As A Service .

We bring together thought leaders from business and government who aim to consolidate efforts to transition to electric and smarter mobility. This summit will shine a light on the solutions brought forward by these organisations to stimulate the future of mobility. In an effort to accelerate the adoption of smarter mobility solutions, the summit creates highly effective networking and match making opportunities to ensure that the most relevant stakeholders are connected.

We will deep dive into the latest technologies, policies, case studies, business models, and the impact thereof on health, happiness, the economy, and the environment to ensure that the right decisions can be made to unlock the full potential of our communities – whether village, town, city, country, or continent!


li-ion batteries battery performance

Fixing flaws in Li-ion batteries, focus for World Energy Storage Day

Technology for energy-dense batteries like lithium-ion (Li-ion) has opened new avenues for electric mobility, stationary storage and portable electronic devices.

New act to improve driver behaviour and safety on the road

Solutions that combine telematics and AI have become essential for fleet managers and drivers, helping them pre-empt risks, reduce costs, and improve driving behaviour.
charging infrastructure electric motorbike

Africa’s e-mobility needs to expand charging infrastructure

The number of electric vehicles in Africa could increase significantly if only charging infrastructure could keep up with market interest. Strides in micro-mobility in East Africa point to a potential growth point.