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The Polytechnic University of Milan, collaborating with the Enel Group, has launched a second level international Specialising Master dedicated to training experts in Smart Grids.

The unique course is aimed at recent graduates and means to train highly qualified professionals to be capable of tackling complex problems in the design and management of digital networks. It should also encourage the promotion of technological innovation in the field of electricity distribution systems.

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Smart grids are a digital and resilient infrastructure that enables the decarbonisation and electrification of the energy system through the complete integration of distributed generation from renewable sources and the active participation of consumers in the energy market.

Enel, a smart grid operator managing more than two million kilometres of power lines in eight countries, had their Network Digital Twin project recently recognised by the World Economic Forum as the creator of one of the main innovations in the electricity sector in the last year years.

“We need professionals who can actively contribute to managing the future’s innovative and intelligent, networks, designed to improve the electricity service and promote the spread of energy production from renewable sources,” said Vincenzo Ranieri, head of infrastructure and networks in Italy at Enel.

“The energy transition is a great challenge but also a great opportunity for professional growth for young talents willing to innovate and develop a modern, digitalised and sustainable energy system.”

Detailing the smart grids coursework

The second level Specialising Master will be open to international students who will study initiatives such as Enel’s Network Digital Twin project and case studies on projects carried out on the distribution network and innovations under development in the Italian and European context.

The Polytechnic University of Milan offers a second level Specialising Master to students who already have a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science), a doctorate or an equivalent educational diploma obtained abroad.

The one-year programme kicks off in April 2021 and will consist of theoretical lessons and experimental training in the lab, with 330 hours of lectures dedicated to the energy context, Smart Grid specificities and implementation, plus a technical focus on Health and Safety; 100 hours of laboratory work and; 210 hours of project work in Enel.

Applications for the course can be submitted until 6 January 2021 via the Polytechnic University of Milan website.

The course will be launched at a webinar on 27 July entitled Why do Grids need to be Smart? organised by the Specialising Master Course Committee. Participants include Professor Maurizio Delfanti, CEO of RSE spa; Professor Marco Merlo, director of the Specialising Master, Polytechnic University of Milan; Professor Alberto Berizzi, professor of Electric Power Systems, Polytechnic University of Milan; Vincenzo Ranieri, Head of Infrastructures and Networks, Enel Italy; and Gianluca Sapienza, Head of Smart Grids Unit of Infrastructures and Networks Enel, Italy. The webinar is open to all and requires registration on the university website.