Broadcast date: 13 March 2020 |13h00 GMT

08h00 New York | 13h00 London | 14h00 Paris | 15h00 Johannesburg | 18h30 New Delhi | 21h00 Singapore

Vehicles typically spend about 95% of the time parked. These idle periods, combined with electric vehicles (EV) battery storage capacities, could make EVs an attractive flexible solution for the power network and smart city aspirations.

Each EV could effectively become a mobile connected storage unit with the potential to provide a broad range of services to the grid.

In this live webinar, we shed light on the technical aspects of how EVs operate and how this creates opportunities for end users and the electricity grids across Africa.

This webinar will address:

  • Understanding how EVs operate and their benefits to various market role players.

Guest speakers:

Hiten Parmar, Director at uYilo eMobility Programme, South Africa

Brian Hastie, Chairperson of the EV subcommittee at the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa

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