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HV electric heaters market thrust forward by electric vehicle growth

The current penetration of electric and hybrid vehicles is about 5% of the overall automobile sales, but it is estimated that in next 10 years the demand will grow at a significant pace and will have a prominent share in the global automobile sales.

Rising environmental concerns and emission regulations have led to a paradigm shift in the automobile industry from internal combustion engine-driven vehicles to the adoption of eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles.

In electric vehicles, very low quantity of waste heat is produced, which is not sufficient for heating requirements, hence, high voltage electric heaters are used as a prime source of heating in electric and hybrid vehicles.

The rapid growth of electric and hybrid vehicles will boost the market for high voltage electric heaters reveals a recently published report from Fact.MR.

The report estimates that the market will experience a ten-fold increase to reach a market value of ~$9 billion by 2029.

HV electric heaters report: Key takeaways

  • According to the report, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) accounted for more than two-thirds market share in 2018 in the overall electric vehicles sales, which makes it the most prominent vehicle technology. The dominance of HEV in the electric vehicle market makes them the most attractive market for high voltage electric heater.
  • Passenger cars account for more than three-fourth of the high voltage electric heaters market.
  • Air heaters, as widely used products, account for more than 55% of the global market share.
  • The study opines that demand for 4-7kW high voltage electric heaters would increase as much as 11X over the next decade owing to efficient heating and lower power consumption from the battery.
  • China will remain the prominent country throughout the forecast period, accounting for more than 35% of the global share in the high voltage electric heater market.

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“Catalytic converters completely integrated into the water heater, eliminating CO and HC emissions and heating battery to help with rapid regeneration of performance would gain preference over conventional heaters. These would inadvertently also increase range of electric and hybrid vehicles, especially in colder regions,” says a report analyst.

Market players’ strategies for expansion

The Global High Voltage Electric Heater Market report reveals some of the prominent market players, including BorgWarner, Eberspaecher, Webasto, Woory Corp., DBK Group, LG Electronics, and Mahle GmbH among others.

The companies are focusing more on starting new manufacturing facilities along with launching new products to cater to the demand from end-users. The trend that has been observed is that prominent players are expanding their production capabilities in China.

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China is the prominent market for electric and hybrid vehicles and is attracting players in opening new or expanding existing facilities.

  • In 2018, BorgWarner started a new production facility in Ningbo, China to meet the growing demand for emissions and thermal management products including high voltage heaters.
  • Eberspaecher had opened a new manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China for electric vehicle heaters in 2018. The prime focus of this facility was to produce high voltage heaters for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • In 2018, BorgWarner launched high voltage coolant heater to cater to the demand for thermal management products from electric and hybrid vehicles.

Source: Fact.MR market report

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