Smart Grids

Smart grids, an electrical grid which includes a variety of operation and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources. Smart grids help reduce non-revenue electricity, they help to recover losses as well as open new revenue streams. Another advantage of smart grids is that they help utilities to strengthen the resilience of grid networks against cyber-attacks. Smart grids help utilities to reduce the occurrence and duration of power outages. They help utility firms to integrate large numbers or capacity of distributed energy resources. Smart grids are projected can cut the industry's carbon emissions by 25%. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are the backbones of smart grids.

Smart grid research centre inaugurated in Morocco

Smart grid research centre inaugurated in Morocco

Construction has started on a new research centre for smart grids at the Green Energy Park in Ben Guerir in central Morocco.

Op-ed: Future energy systems need clear AI boundaries

Commercial uses of AI have expanded steadily in recent years across finance, healthcare, education and other sectors. Energy systems need AI, too.
Digitisation is a 'must' to manage the network complexity

Digitisation is a ‘must’ to manage the network’s complexity

The integration of distributed resources to the electricity network opens an opportunity for utilities to move to digitisation.
Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Big data analytics continues to be a top deployment priority for businesses as its use will help them remain competitive while accelerating innovation.
EV charging power levels

Trends in EV charging power levels

Electric vehicles are considered the most feasible way to achieve clean transportation. But what are the trends in EV charging power levels?
virtual reality lighting

Virtual reality influencing public lighting designs

The use of immersive virtual reality as a tool for lighting design is a topic that is drawing great interest in the scientific community.

Microgrid controls spending soars as distributed energy assets expand

More than $14 billion will be invested in microgrid controls technologies within the next decade, according to a new report.
communicating meters

PRIME Alliance open standards integral to Egypt’s mass meter project

El Sewedy Electrometer was among the meter providers that contributed in Egypt's mass meter project, deploying a total of 63,000 meters.
grid scale battery storage

Grid-scale battery storage – reality or not?

Grid-scale battery storage could change the power situation in South Africa in many positive ways writes Menno Sulsters, the Project Engineer at SEM Solutions.
Smart meter solutions: Latest advancement from G3-PLC

Smart meter solutions: Latest advancement from G3-PLC

Based on the success of the technology, G3-PLC has become the de facto PLC technology that is used within Eskom.

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