Study explores active citizenship as a tool for energy transition

A study, led by the IIASA explored options for empowering citizens as a driver for moving from awareness about the need to transform energy systems to action and participation.

Achieving the Paris Agreement: The vital role of high-efficiency motors and...

To protect the environment without tempering economic growth, we need to redouble our commitment to reducing the consumption of energy and natural...

A machine-learning approach to predicting Africa’s electricity mix based on planned...

In this study, the authors built a machine-learning model that demonstrates high accuracy in predicting power-generation project failure and success.

A guide to conductor resistance testing of rotating machine stator with...

Measuring the DC conductor resistance of a rotating machine stator can reveal a lot of information about the machine writes Megger.
Kenya electricity safety

Common PQ issues: Voltage dips and swells

This Megger paper will define the various types of voltage dips and swells that occur and the effect they have on various types of equipment.
renewable energy

BNEF: India is leading the planet’s clean power revolution

BNEF have released a new white paper detailing how India has become the world’s largest and most competitive clean energy auction market.
Africa Renewable energy

White paper: SSA’s electricity generation forecast to 2040

SSA’s generation mix is remarkably undiversified, with most economies generating the bulk of their electricity through three or fewer sources, states Frost & Sullivan.
incentivise investments

IHA calls for incentivise investments in renewable infrastructure

The IHA 2020 Hydropower Status Report and its companion policy paper highlights the need to incentivise investments in renewable energy infrastructure.

Storage technology is the core enabler of decentralised energy

To effectively manage larger scale of variable renewable energy, storage is and will be one of the core enablers in decarbonised energy system.

EVs powering the future of global transportation

UL's white paper explores the trends shaping the electric vehicle landscape as governments are implementing policies to put more EVs on the road by 2030.

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