Webinar recording: Hybrid power in the mining sector

Listen to this recorded discussion where expert speakers look at how hybrid energy solutions can be successfully incorporated into African mining operations.

Recorded webinar series – COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management

Access this live virtual series where we bring you the best insights from key utilities around the world who have dealt with or are dealing with the challenge of keeping services operational in an age of social distancing and isolation.

Webinars: 4 reasons why it makes the perfect digital meeting place

Limited by travel restrictions? What about a virtual way to access your market and target audience? Webinars are the perfect digital meeting place.

Webinar recording: Opportunities for solar-hybrid plants in sub-Saharan Africa

To understand the benefits of hybrid energy systems and the opportunities presented from battery storage, listen to this recorded discussion where JinkoSolar, Tesla and Ofgen present use cases from East Africa that can be replicated by companies in similar markets.

Webinar recording: Open discussion on the status of Africa’s power generation

The lack of power generation in Africa remains an issue. Listen to the experts unpack the threats and opportunities this market presents.

Webinar recording: Risks of the STS TID Rollover

Join Conlog and ESI Africa in a live discussion which will unpack the risks associated with the TID rollover and identify the measures you can implement to mitigate those risks.
smart cities

Webinar recording: Engineering robust smart cities in Africa

Download this webinar to learn about how African cities and electric companies can work together to develop smart cities of the future.

Webinar recording: Cybersecurity for utilities: 2020 and beyond

Join Smart Energy International in partnership with ESI Africa on 26 February for the live webinar as they answer cybersecurity related questions.

Webinar recording: Plugging the problem: Addressing some misconceptions on EVs

Download the recording of this webinar and you will gain insights on the technical aspects of how EVs operate.

Webinar recording: Fostering women leadership representation in the power industry

Access the interactive recording of the women leadership and hear from industry experts on the future workforce of women in the power industry.

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