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How solar PV is changing the C&I energy landscape in Africa

Roundtable broadcast date: 10 June 

Duration 90 minutes 

09h00 GMT | 10h00 London | 10h00 Lagos | 11h00 Johannesburg | 12h00 Nairobi 

The prospects of solar energy in Africa are looking very positive in the near term, especially for the commercial and industrial sector. 

A recent report by the African Solar Industry Association, which draws on2019  IRENA data, points out 37 counties in the world have joined the Gigawatt Club having installed more than 1GW of solar energy. But, only two of those are in Africa, namely South Africa and Egypt. The report does posit though, that the Association’s research suggests nine African countries will soon join the club, based on announcements by governments and private developers. 

A factor really starting to influence the take up of solar into the C&I market is the availability of energy storage to extend the use of the energy beyond just the day time. 

While large scale solar projects have dominated the sector, the commercial and industrial sector is really starting to make inroads into the market as offtakers.  Based on the data AFSIA are collecting, the C&I market could represent up to 40% of all solar capacities being installed in the next few years. 

Of the 6,200 solar projects they have identified across the continent, 2,400 are already in operation and just more than 80% are to be found the C&I market.  

Longi Solar will host a roundtable delving into how solar PV is changing the C&I energy landscape in Africa, and South Africa in particular, as part of the Enlit Africa digital event between 8 and 10 June. 

The session will look at: 

  • How the current energy landscape in Africa is lending itself to increased levels of renewable energy adoption in the context of intermittent supply and the energy transition 
  • The challenges municipalities in South Africa face in responding to this changing energy landscape 
  • The barriers and opportunities installers face with special reference to the talent pool 
  • Changes in solar PV technology which improve efficiency  

Claire Volkwyn, head of content, Enlit Africa, South Africa 

Expert panel:

  • Kevin Robinson, Senior Technical Sales Manager – MEA, LONGi Solar, South Africa
  • Jo Dean, Director, Enerj Carbon Management, South Africa
  • Paul Jenkins, Chairman of the Board, Caxton and CTP Publishers & Printers, South Africa
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith is a content producer for Clarion Events Africa.