green economy

Is the South African energy mix leaving you with a feeling of grey instead of presenting a clear black and white picture?

Are you interested to hear the opinion of how and why the South African energy mix is dependent on all clean power technologies to ensure a secure and sustainable energy network?

Do you require clarity around the great ‘nuclear debate’ and the impact the delays on the IPP programme are having on the greater energy value chain?

By registering for the recording of the live discussion, you will be able to access the views and opinions of the three highly knowledgeable and experienced South African speakers. Each speaker is equipped with a diverse and unique frame of reference applicable to the South African power space.

Our speakers had an open discussion around nuclear, wind energy and clean coal focusing on cost, transparency, local industry impact and how each can best meet the energy demands of the country.

Our guest presenters, 

  • Brenda Martin, CEO, SAWEA;
  • Dave Nicholls, Chief Nuclear Officer, Eskom;
  • Rosemary Falcon, Professor, Fossil Fuel Foundation.

View on-demand recording here