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Webinar 4 May: Smart Metering | The Evolution of STS

With more than 60 million STS prepayment meters deployed worldwide, the rapid advancement of two-way communications between metering devices has enabled the ongoing evolution of the STS technology to form part of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
Risk mitigation

Webinar 22 April: Risk mitigation for successful financing of solar PV...

Join UL experts in a discussion on key technologies and trends, accurate energy modelling and relevant design considerations toward risk mitigation in utility-scale PV projects.

Webinar 15 April: Digitisation – the future of the network part...

Experts from Lucy Electric delve into the issues of resolving intermittency of generation and the subsequent impact of reverse current flows in this technical presentation on DERs.

Webinar recording: Grid at the edge of the storm

By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.
water pipe

Webinar recording: A sceptic’s guide to municipalities and desalination

The National Sanitation and Water Masterplan for South Africa spells out different ways the country can reduce its water demand and ramp up its water supply while staying cognisant of climate impacts, between now and 2030.

Webinar recording: TID Rollover | The Time Is Now

Listen to this informative discussion which details the TID Rollover process, the risk associated with the TID Rollover and available support to successfully implement the TID Rollover.

Webinar recording: Solar-powered water solutions for sustainable agriculture in SSA

Guest experts will spotlight how SSA countries can simultaneously work towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.
banner coal in the energy transition recording

Webinar recording: The question of coal in the energy transition

What is the role of coal in the energy transition - in terms of financing, human resources, climate mitigation and adaptation?

Webinar recording: Selecting a replacement for SDH grid communications with a...

This webinar will focus on how a standards-based IP/MPLS technology solution is addressing these needs. Field experience from successfully transitioning critical applications that include SCADA and voice to IP/MPLS will be shared.

Webinar Recording: Digitisation: the future of the network

Join ESI Africa and Lucy Electric where experts will discuss the role that digitalisation technologies will play in integrating more renewable energy onto the network, managing performance and reliability issues, keeping costs down and maximising investment.

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