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Stay up to date with ESI Africa's webinar schedule, featuring upcoming presentations and past webcasts for you to download.

Webinar recording: Integrating renewable energy into existing thermal energy grids

Join Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa for a live discussion where our panel of technical experts will provide insights on how to evaluate renewable energy offerings and how to balance commercial PPA obligations while maintaining grid stability.

Webinar recording: Managing Investment risk for Commercial & Industrial projects in...

Join ESI Africa, Jinko Solar, AREF and Huawei, in a live interactive discussion which will address the risks in renewable energy projects and to which party can they be assigned; how risks can be managed, at what cost; which risks can be eliminated in order to make solar PV C&I investments viable in the long run.

Webinar recording: The role of energy storage in microgrids

The panel focuses on li-ion battery storage systems and their role within decentralised generation, such as microgrids. Paired with case studies, we discuss technical & customer applications and present benefits and economic benefits.
Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Webinar 13 August: Gauging the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market

Join us on 13 August at 13H00 GMT to gain insights on the benefits and risks involved with regards to the evolving nature of the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market.

Webinar recording: Investing in a Green Economic Recovery

In this engaging webinar, GreenCape CEO Mike Mulcahy discusses detail and context, getting down to specific opportunities and takeaways with the GreenCape experts.

Webinar recording: Decarbonisation: Making a net zero economy possible

Download this webinar recording to explore ways to achieving a net zero economy, with a focus on carbon-heavy industries that are key to achieving this goal.

Webinar recording: Counting on copper: Renewable energy and EV boom drive...

Join ESI Africa, Mining Review Africa and DRC Mining Week as we unpack the importance of copper as a raw material in the global move toward greener energy and transportation.

Webinar recording: Focused conversation on the developmental impacts of REIPPPP

Tune in for a Digital Broadcast hosted by the aef to unpack the developmental impacts of REIPPPP – Research, Practice and Perspectives on 28 May.

Webinar recording: Integrated Resource Planning for a Sustainable and Cleaner Africa...

Access this recorded session where experts explore and discuss how power and water sectors are interacting with each other in a more sustainable and integrated resource planning approach for a cleaner and more resources’ sustainable future across Africa and Europe.

Recordings: Virtual series: African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa may have been postponed to November 2020 but due to popular demand for information, expert opinion and connections with your peers and customers, you can now register to access any of the ten virtual sessions that took place between 11-15 May 2020 online.

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