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Webinar 23 Feb: The question of coal in the energy transition

What is the role of coal in the energy transition - in terms of financing, human resources, climate mitigation and adaptation?

Webinar recording: Selecting a replacement for SDH grid communications with a...

This webinar will focus on how a standards-based IP/MPLS technology solution is addressing these needs. Field experience from successfully transitioning critical applications that include SCADA and voice to IP/MPLS will be shared.

Webinar Recording: Digitisation: the future of the network

Join ESI Africa and Lucy Electric where experts will discuss the role that digitalisation technologies will play in integrating more renewable energy onto the network, managing performance and reliability issues, keeping costs down and maximising investment.

Webinar recording: Discover how the Panorama Suite platform supports Southern Africa’s...

This webinar is dedicated to all industrial actors in Southern Africa concerned by Digital Transformation.

Recording: Iris Automation and drone technology

Informative conversation on safety avionics technology, Detect-and-Avoid systems and aviation policy services for commercial drones.

Webinar recording: Smart energy reimagining your digital utility

Advice for utilities to achieve cost reduction, revenue management and enhanced customer services when pivoting to digital.

Webinar recording: G3-PLC technology for smart grid in Africa

What are the benefits of using G3-PLC in comparison to other communication tools? Watch this session to find out.

Webinar recording: Water PPPs as an alternative procurement methodology

What has been the experience of the public sector in Africa with individual PPPs? How many water PPPs are operational in Africa? These are some of the questions that were addressed during this session.

Webinar recording: Africa’s power generation

In this webinar, we challenged industry experts to address what the power generation market in Africa realistically can expect in terms of conducting business.
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Webinar recording: Next generation high powered PV solar panels

Ahead of your upcoming utility-scale project or current plans, find out the latest advancements of +500W solar PV module technology.

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