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Project appraisal report: Integrated Rural Sanitation in Upper Egypt – Luxor

The IRSUE-Luxor Programme contributes to improving the quality of life in Upper Egypt (Luxor) by improving water quality and the environment.

Specific objectives are to provide integrated sanitation systems in village “clusters” by collecting and treating wastewater generated in rural areas in Upper Egypt, thus contributing to increased coverage of improved sanitation and clean environment for the populations living in these governorates. 

The Operation supports the ongoing sector reform, through:
(i) the implementation of a performance-based management approach  for  the Luxor  Water and Sewerage company; and
(ii) infrastructure development, through the construction of integrated sanitation  systems in 10 villages and attached satellites villages in Upper  Egypt, organised in two clusters. Each cluster will count with a system for wastewater and sludge collection, conveyance and treatment, with specificities to include remote and unserved households. 

Treated wastewater will be available for agriculture and ecosystem reutilisation, contributing to the overall socio-economic and environment development. The proposed operation will increase coverage of improved sanitation in rural areas and enhance sanitation service sustainability and performance at both local and national levels.

IRSUE Luxor has three (3) main result areas:
(i) Increasing the access to rural sanitation and infrastructure delivery;
(ii) Improving operation systems and practices of the water and sanitation companies  (WWCs), (ie operational, financial, institutional, citizen engagements, etc); and
(iii) Strengthening the National Sector Framework and inclusion under the main national Rural Sanitation Program(NRSP).

Read the project appraisal report online.

Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith is a conference producer for Clarion Events Africa.