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New research reveals tech with the highest funding and sector impacts

Frost & Sullivan has published a new report analysing technologies with the highest funding and their impacts in sectors including ICT, energy, advanced manufacturing and environment.

Analysed technologies include big data, distributed energy generation, smart water grid and artificial intelligence.

Key study findings include:

Artificial intelligence

  1. Government funding boosting research in next-generation AI solutions and applications.
  2. Countries looking at AI as a key to achieve economic growth
  3. US supremacy in AI is being challenged by China. Despite having fewer startups in 2017, China invested more in AI  than the US.
  4. Japan is using AI to shift toward Society 5.0
  5. The all-time highest AI investment was witnessed in Q3 2017

Distributed Energy Generation

  1. North America is leading in terms DER investments
  2. Europe is expected to be the leader in distributed bioelectricity production
  3. The Growth potential of Asia-Pacific solar PV is restrained by changes in Chinese solar policy
  4. Middle East and Africa demonstrate a substantial growth potential

Smart Water Grid

  1. North America is leading in terms of deploying smart water meters followed by Europe
  2. Asia-Pacific is a leader in terms of conducting research activities on smart water
  3. Innovations in smart water grid are driven by government-initiated Investments

Big data

  1. Key factor driving adoption is the need for insight-driven business operations and customer services
  2. The emergence of AI is driving investments in big data infrastructure
  3. China to enjoy an advantage in the big data market in the near future
  4. The majority of global firms have plans to invest in big data analytics guest
  5. Highest funding in big data was reached in 2014

For more information about the report, visit: ‘Technologies with High Funding: Impact Assessment and Growth Opportunities.’

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