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Global Energy Talent Index brings power professionals concerns to the fore

The third annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) finds that 48% of power professionals are concerned about an impending talent emergency.

The world’s largest energy recruitment and employment trends report shows that power companies face a difficult task balancing the need to address current talent shortages with adapting to the changing skills needs resulting from digitalisation.

The study findings highlight that 62% of respondents cite engineering as the discipline most affected by talent shortages.

In addition, 74% of non-hiring professionals anticipate further pay rises in 2019.

Airswift and Energy Jobline surveyed more than 17,000 energy professionals and hiring managers in 162 countries across five industry sub-sectors: oil and gas, renewables, power, nuclear and petrochemicals.

The report is available to download at http://www.getireport.com/download-report.

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