Corruption Watch: The ‘writing is on the wall’ for its 2019...

Non-profit organisation Corruption Watch will issue a report on the effects of corruption, particularly in key sectors such as health, policing, and mining.
Paris Agreement

Electric utilities lead emissions reduction as per the Paris Agreement

New report findings examining the ‘carbon performance’ of 238 energy, industrial and transport companies, highlights that only 18% of them have emissions trajectories in line with the Paris Agreement of limiting climate change to 2°C.
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam under construction. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ethiopia

Does South Africa need the Grand Inga?

Controversy continues to shadow the development of the DRC's Grand Inga III project, with latest commentary probing South Africa's commitment to the project.
Ocean energy

Ocean energy production surges tenfold over last decade

Global ocean energy production has risen tenfold over the last decade, according to a report issued today by a leading ocean energy organisation.
circular economy

Waste to power model gaining global momentum

The global waste to energy market is growing at a significant pace due to rising demand for renewable sources of energy from the power and energy industry.
wind turbine materials

Factors driving wind turbine materials market revealed in a report

Several key players in the global wind turbine materials market are working toward expanding their wind manufacturing capacity and geographical reach.
gas industry

IEA Oil 2020 report highlights COVID-19 risk but lacks climate response

The IEA OIl 2020 report identifies a worst-case scenario for the market if COVID-19 continues to spread globally and China's need for oil remains subdued.
CDP cities

CDP report identifies the cities ramping up climate action ambitions

CDP has revealed that the number of global cities leading on climate action and transparency has more than doubled in 2019 compared to the previous year.
wind turbine control systems

Wind turbine control systems market set to reach $16.7bn by 2027

Analysis of the wind turbine control systems market anticipates growth to expand at a CAGR of ~10% by the end of 2027 due to major global developments.
Low-carbon economy

All energy companies will be affected by clean energy transitions

“No energy company will be unaffected by clean energy transitions,” according to IEA's Executive Director, Dr Fatih Birol.

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