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TESTRANO 600 wins award – OMICRON Electronics

Given that testing of power transformers is quite time consuming with different test sets, lots of reconnecting, and multiple trips up and down the transformer, TESTRANO 600 cuts testing time hugely as the three-phase source allows excitation of all three windings at the same time.

This gives customers the ability to measure the voltage ratio and actual phase shift. In today’s economic environment time is a valuable resource in any industry. Therefore, OMICRON’s vision to develop a test system, which makes power transformer testing quicker and easier than ever before, has been realised.

TESTRANO 600 offers multiple advantages

This award-winning product provides a powerful three-phase source to enable the user to perform the most common tests, such as turns ratio, excitation current, DC winding resistance, dynamic resistance and short-circuit impedance/leakage reactance, much quicker and with less reconnecting than before.

Cornelius Plath, product manager for TESTRANO 600, explains: “This comes in very handy, especially when testing phase shifting or rectifier units with unconventional vector groups. I think everyone can understand that measuring is much quicker when you test all three phases at the same time, but we also eliminated the need for an additional switch box.”

The unit itself is really compact, weighing only 20kg (44lbs) and can also be used to demagnetise transformers. By combining TESTRANO 600 with the CP TD1 accessory power/dissipation factor and capacitance measurements can also be performed. [Read more…]

Innovation awarded

“Another example (of innovation) is how you connect our test system. You can perform the most common tests with the same setup, which reduces the total number of trips up and down the transformer. Custom-designed connector plugs and labeled connection leads also prevent connection errors,” states Plath.

This is the third product award for OMICRON in the last three years including “Best Product” at Elecrama, India for its CIBANO, a circuit breaker test, and “Best Innovation of the Year” at Middle East Electricity, UAE for its VOTANO, a voltage transformer set.

This is a true reflection of the company’s emphasis on innovation and its investment in new product development. [Read more…]


Featured image: Cornelius Plath (centre) with OMICRON colleagues including Ahmed El-Hamaky, Regional Sales Manager (centre right), Fadi Zatari (right), Bavley Farid (centre left) and Diane Kibart. Source OMICRON

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