It has been an eventful year for all of us. This last quarter especially so for Sustainable Power Generation.

Here’s why.

1. Future Energy Nigeria

Sustainable Power Generation was invited to represent South African at their pavilion at the Future Energy Nigeria Tradeshow as parts of the DTI’s mission to increase South African exports to the rest of Africa and beyond.

Nigeria has an estimated 7GW of generation capacity, but only 4 to 5GW of distribution capacity, and a population of close to 200 million people. Says Ames Martin, Head of Operations for SustainPower, “There are thousands of villages across the country with only candles and kerosene lamps for lighting; however, the country also boasts a very healthy and well-developed virtual gas network utilising LNG and CNG. These factors make it an excellent candidate for a decentralised power supply approach, using natural gas, or biogas in our gas-to-power solutions.” The huge demand for rural electrification in Nigeria will boost the development of solar powered mini-grids for which SustainSolar has developed modular, containerised solar solutions with battery storage.
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2. Swiss PWRstation signs with local Sustainable Power Generation for Africa

Sustainable Power Generation’s Founder and MD, Tobias Hobbach, says, “SustainPower’s gas-to-power solutions are already trusted for the quality of their design, engineering, and manufacturing, and our commitment to only use world-class components. The Swiss EXOrac that PWRstation brings to the SustainSolar offering is a perfect alignment of our values and our positioning – exceptional African-strength design, backed with Swiss-precision components that are innovative and robust. SustainSolar’s containerised power solutions are ideal for rural mini-grids and off-grid, permanent or temporary applications, such as farms, lodges, government applications, clinics, schools, and so on. We’re excited to bring this rugged, safe, versatile solar solution to Africa.”
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3. SustainSolar delivers mini-grid solar container to East African development aid project

In early December, the first of its kind containerised solar system from Sustainable Power Generation’s SustainSolar division left Cape Town to bring power to an East African mini-grid project. Tobias Hobbach, MD of Sustainable Power Generation, “We are very excited that we were able to locally design and build a high quality containerised solar power solution with Li-Ion battery storage in record time to meet the customer’s requirements for an import electrification project. It is great to see that our innovative designs and manufacturing capabilities are recognised across the continent and that we get inquiries from around the world.”

With rural electrification initiatives all over the developing world and an increasing demand for mini-grids, SustainSolar is ideally positioned to play a significant role with their innovate clean energy products that are sustainable, durable, secure, and protect the investment no matter what the location.”

Contact Sustainable Power Generation here for more information and watch this space for more updates on this, and other, SustainSolar projects in 2019!

With such good news, Sustainable Power Generation wishes you and yours a blessed holiday season, and a peaceful and prosperous 2019.