Featured image: Easergy T300. Schneider Electric

FBX is a compact, innovative gas-insulated switchgear rated up to 24 kV and 630 A, with an internal arc withstand of up to 25 kA/1 s. A total of five functions can be combined for maximum versatility. FBX is available in two easy-to-install, extremely configurable versions.

Its compact version, FBX-C, has the narrowest footprint on the market. Whereas its extensible version (double or single), FBX-E, can easily evolve with your electrical distribution needs thanks to a patented A-link device.

All of this makes FBX the logical choice for a wide variety of modern applications. Whether serving as a ring main unit in a secondary public distribution network or as a switchboard for industrial or infrastructure networks, it delivers world class performance with a minimal cost of ownership.

Featured image: FBX gas-insulated switchgear. Schneider Electric

Maximum continuity of service

FBX is based on an innovative, elegantly simple design which ensures maximum continuity of service.

  • LSC2A-class continuity of service
  • Key live parts are sealed for life in a stainless steel, SF6-filled tank, making them impervious to environmental conditions
  • No maintenance of tank-sealed parts during product lifetime
  • Flood-proof design.

Easy to install and operate

With the narrowest footprint on the market and easy extensibility, FBX cuts the time and effort needed to set up an electrical network.

  • Compact size makes installation easy
  • Spacious cable compartment for MV cable connection
  • Simple fuse replacement
  • Easy to extend through patented A-link system.

Engineered for safety

FBX’s design puts safety first, ensuring the highest level of security for personnel and equipment.

  • FBX meets the key national or international standards currently in force: IEC, NF, CNS, and IS
  • Internal arc withstands of up to 25 kA/1 s (for 12 kV use)
  • Hot gas release away from operator in the unlikely eventof an internal arc, thanks to pressure valves and a rear duct
  • Integrated interlocks ensuring fool-proof protection
  • A comprehensive range of key- and padlocking options.

Smart grid-ready

Electrical networks are evolving to handle distributed generation and renewable energies. FBX is built to evolve along with them.

  • Remote control and monitoring capability, with open communications and an auto-transfer switch, thanks to the Easergy TM T300 remote terminal unit
  • Enhanced power availability or restoration through the CB630A’s O-C-O fast reclosing function
  • Variety of fault passage indicators, including directional fault indicators