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We’re looking forward to the official opening of the 12th Annual SAEEC Conference on the 14th and 15th of November this year at Emperors Palace, Gauteng. Once again the SAEEC is welcoming a host of international and local thought leaders in the energy field with a specific focus on the theme for 2017: Energy efficiency for sustainable growth and prosperity. This year, however, we have more delegates attending than ever before. And this is what they can expect from the 2017 programme and over 80 speakers.

While there will be certain plenary sessions applicable to all attendees, we’ve made special efforts to offer themed tracks, so that our delegates and attendees are respectively matched with the right message and the correct audience.

In Track A, “Augustus”, on Tuesday 14 November, we welcome those with a special interest in the trends and innovations relating to transportation and emobility. Specifically, we’re addressing important issues including: how to sustain our cities through green mobility; alternative and renewable fuels for mobility; the challenges and timing for electric vehicles in South Africa; and how to secure financial and non-financial support for technology within the energy sector in this country. We’ll also address the very exciting trends and innovations we can look forward to in transportation and emobility.

Track A on Wednesday the 15th of November is related to energy services companies (ESCO)’s market development in South Africa, with support from the Department of Energy and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), the latter with special focus on securing finance for your energy business. We’ll also have the opportunity to learn from real examples from abroad as our colleagues from Morocco, India and Germany relate their own experiences.

Track B, on Tuesday has important concepts to address, particularly with regard to climate change, one of the key focus areas of our 2017 agenda. Not only do our speakers tackle issues such as how to deliver on the New Global Agenda with regard to climate change, international agreements and energy productivity but they also speak with specific reference to South Africa’s responses, policies and mitigation activities. GIZ, the German development agency, which provides services in the field of international development cooperation, has many important insights to give on climate change, and possibilities for financing SMEs in the green economy are also offered.

On Wednesday, Track B, “Tiberius” deals with an equally important aspect of sustainability (which includes profitability): mining and industrial energy efficiency. As fossil fuels make way for newer, cleaner fuels and methods, innovation becomes increasingly important. How do we manage carbon and energy risks, recover waste heat, or reduce our energy/carbon footprint? What careers are available in carbon emission reduction? How do we apply improved M&V for better results? These and many other issues are addressed by our knowledgeable presenters.

“Romanus”, or Track C, investigates energy management on the 14th of November. We talk specifically about financing issues, setting science-based targets and building capacities to respond to changes in the energy market. On Wednesday, Track C addresses the energy-efficiency building envelope. In presentations throughout the day, we will show delegates how to take control of their data for building efficiency; improved reporting on sustainability and even offer smart retro innovations for our school-leavers and the unemployed.

Also on the 14th of November, Track D, “Florian” gives insights on financing sustainable energy projects. The following day, renewables and alternative energies are the focus, with key subjects being: managing change; electrifying the transport sector; applications for photovoltaic systems for SMEs and residential applications; South Africa’s real electricity-generating choices, and addressing climate change through energy efficiency in agriculture. We’ll also give a case study from Germany on renewable energy integration and its impact on the operation and efficiency of coal-fired power plants.

Over the two days of 2017SAEEC, we’re excited to be offering invaluable networking and information-gathering opportunities on every knowledge track and in every area of relevance to energy now and in the future. We are thrilled to be welcoming you there!

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