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Interview: Johan Hees – Supply contracts referred to as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), could be the life or death of both the supplier of energy and the end user

In your opinion, what are the most pressing challenges in the power sector at the moment?

Internationally energy is at the centre of all production, development and deliverables. The cost, reliability and sustainability of these energy supply chains remain quintessential to the success and survival of industry and the commercial sector globally. The reality is that the supply sectors that have not yet subscribed to competitive environments offer a prodigious challenge to the competitiveness of countries and communities at large. With alternative energy making its presence felt from a financial and sustainability point of view, legislation, laws and licensing become a field of knowledge and opportunity realisation tool that has become imperative to the players in both the traditional and renewable, as well as the alternative energy sales, contracts and licensing environment.

What are the most important aspects of your training course to ensure a valuable learning experience?

For decades the energy sales and supply contracts were cast in concrete by monopoly state owned supply authorities. This is no longer the case, these contracts have become more negotiable, and we now have to draft our own supply contracts to end users as renewable or alternative energy supply companies. Cardinal to the survival of all new comers, and in many cases end users, is the supply contracts and the way it could contribute to mutual benefit or totally destroy a supplier or an end user if not considered in a realistic and mutually achievable and sustainable intelligence.

Who should attend the Power Purchase Agreements course? And how would the lessons learned affect each job title that you recommend should attend?

Supply contracts referred to as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), could be the life or death of both the supplier of energy and the end user equally so. This document has to consider the capabilities of the supplier and be equally weighted to the needs of the end user. Reliability, sustainability, viability and the financial affordability to an internationally competitive environment become life or death to the parties involved. Without sufficient and enlightened knowledge of the details in a PPA, both the supplier and the end user signing or compiling PPA agreements offer a real and imminent threat to the survival of his or her company.

What can course participants expect during the training? What are these sessions about?

Expect the paradigm of energy contract rigidness to be changed forever. New energy sources have different ways of delivering energy and end users have different ways of using these sources either for costing or green classification reasons. The same applies to an ever changing traditional fossil fuel based power sectors. It is needless to point out that these PPAs will be radically different with a different approach entirely. Become part of the restructuring of an already radical and disruptive energy environment, by enabling a new and exciting industry that can be viable depending on your knowledge and ability to draw up or sign a viable and mutually beneficial energy sales agreement.

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