Dan Brose
At the upcoming WAPIC she is moderating a panel discussion on“Problem solving discussions to move the sector forward”.

You are a moderator in a session at the upcoming WAPIC pre-conference master class on embedded generation specifically focusing on ‘problem solving discussions to move the sector forward’– what are you hoping for in this session?

As you know WAPIC is now globally known as the sub-regional meeting point for all energy practitioners in West Africa. I am looking forward to sharing and learning from the experts, practitioners and attendees of this sector specifically on how the DISCOs in Nigeria and Mini-Grid operators can work together to create economic clusters and manufacturing clusters through embedded generation. With the country’s transmission grid overloaded, it would be practicable to proffer solutions and define a road-map, on how DRE and DISCOs can work together to solve energy challenges in the sub-region.

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