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‘BabyTurtle’ to join SA’s green economy

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), the Department of Science and Technologies (DST), and SolarTurtle have entered into a partnership to deploy the next generation SolarTurtle solar energy kiosks.

Dubbed the ‘BabyTurtle’, this contract will see the design and implementation of three new solar kiosk designs of various portable sizes.

A new integrated battery charging station technology coupled with a software platform for the operators, customers, and donors will allow these energy kiosks to provide immediate relief to people that struggle to keep their phones and lights on. Read more: PowerTurtle: Gauteng primary school officially connects to solar

The software will also feature never been done before features like e-motivation linked with e-training will push these small green businesses to new heights.

This is a three-year contract over which SolarTurtle will produce, test and commercialise these new solar powered units with the accompanying software packages.

SolarTurtle will open an Eastern Cape economic development office from where there energy poverty and unemployment concerns of the provinces will be tackled.