The go-ahead for South Africa’s important national nuclear energy build programme is unlikely to be a one step process; it is a decision not being taken lightly and one which has to overcome self-doubt.

As part of the process, the former minister of energy, Ben Martins, led a team comprising the department of trade and industry, national treasury and department of public enterprises, among other entities associated with nuclear build decision making, to visit several countries. This delegation went to look at these countries’ nuclear technology manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors, as well as to talk to them about project management.

“The goal of this exercise was to understand what lessons may be learned and assess from multiple dimensions what the outcomes of a nuclear build programme might look like,” CEO of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) Phumzile Tshelane tells ESI Africa. The idea was to compile a perspective that would allow South Africa’s government to move a step closer towards making a decision on the nuclear build programme.

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