The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE), in conjunction with Cross Roads has developed the concept of Graduate Apprenticeship Programme (GAP). One of the prerequisites of GAP is the development of a structured training programme.

UIPE hereby invites expression of interest (EOI) from eligible consultants to develop the required training programme as per attached terms of reference.  The deadline for submission is Friday, 21st September 2012.

The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) is mandated to promote the practice and development of science, technology and engineering in Uganda. The number of qualified engineers practicing in all fields of engineering is estimated at 400 and is steadily growing. The UIPE, in conjunction with Cross Roads has developed a 3-year concept of Graduate Apprenticeship Programme (GAP). The main objective of this programme is to increase the number of professionally qualified and fully registered engineers available to practice in Uganda. This will be achieved by preparing graduate engineers to acquire the desired competencies and skills. During the programme, graduate engineers will acquire some experience in their specific fields of engineering and will also be coached on how to write good technical reports that are a prerequisite for admission to UIPE and registration with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB). GAP will be structured along the following key areas which will form the basis for assessing progress in training:

  • Ability to maintain, improve and expand technical skills and knowledge.
  • Keeping abreast with changing procedures and standards.
  • Understanding and applying advances in technology.
  • Service to the engineering profession, community and environment.
  • Broadening into fields such as management, finance and law.

The main stake holders of GAP are:

  • The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE)
  • Cross roads
  • The participating companies
  • The Government of Uganda

One of the prerequisites of GAP is the development of a structured graduate training programme.
Below are the terms of reference for the development of a structured graduate training programme:

General Information

  1. Goal: To enhance the competencies of professional engineers in number, thereby increasing the number of registered engineers practicing in Uganda.
  2. Commencement: The programme shall commence in November 2012.
  3. Duration: One year to roll over a 3-year period.
  4. Targeted participants: Graduate engineers that have just started working, and interested companies.
  5. No. of participants: initially 50 graduates.
  6. Participating companies: contractors, consultants and government.
  7. Mode of training: Attachment to company of relevant discipline.
  8. Supervision: By a registered engineer working within the company to which the trainee is seconded or any other registered engineer easily accessible by the trainee.
  9. Expected training methodology: Participatory, learning in action.
  10. Expected training outcomes: Enhanced skills in technical operations and report writing.

Scope of Work
The consultant, collaboration with UIPE shall prepare a structured graduate training programme that addresses the needs, objectives and the expected outcomes.

The programme should have a clearly defined assessment criterion and a monitoring and evaluation framework that can be used to evaluate progress. It should also outline the selection criteria for trainers, mentors, supervisors and participating companies.

The consultant is expected to present the proposed structured training programme to a meeting of key stakeholders to generate consensus.

Timing frame
The consultant shall be engaged immediately after the selection of the best candidate and approval by the UIPE Council, but in any case not later than 30th September 2012. The consultant will be expected to commence immediately after contract award. It is intended that the main output (training programme) shall be delivered within four weeks of engagement.

Requirements and Qualifications
The consultant selected shall have the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of a .bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is an added advantage.
  • Membership of UIPE
  • Proven expertise and experience in design of training programmes and curricula.
  • Excellent communication skills and capacity to compose clear and readable narrative reports in English.
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Excellent computer skills.


  • A draft training programme to be first discussed by the stake holders.
  • A final training programme both in hard and soft copies.