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Transformers and reactors in hydroelectric plants

Conference: Hydro Power Africa
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Presenter: Atef A Moniem and Adel Y Hannalla
Abstract: Presented by Atef A Moniem and Adel Y Hannalla at Hydro Power Africa

Transformers used in hydro – electric plants vary considerably in output and voltage dependent on the section of the plant. Different types of transformers are employed and are studied with considerable attentions to the governing parameters in the design stage. The impact problems related to the operation and network harmonics with the necessary precautions in transformer construction are considered. Environmental and site conditions for the selection of the transformers are shown.

Methods of transformer protection and voltage control are investigated. The differences between the various types of reactors construction are considered from the reliability, cost and methods of shielding. Problems those confront the station designer layout are highlighted. The necessary precautions to be taken into consideration in the layout of both transformers and reactors for safety of personnel during operation and maintenance and equipment protection are indicated. Topics of the technical items to be included in the specifications for the choice of transformers and reactors are given.