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The ideal wireless solutions for AMM

Conference: Metering, Billing/CIS Africa 2007
Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa
Presenter: Olivier Beaujard
Abstract: Presented at Metering, Billing/CIS Africa 2007

A) Consideration on private Radio or PLC fixed network
– advantages of these techniques,
– network management, maintenance, and dependencies with other suppliers,
– comparison of several examples of meter architectures

B) Consideration on GSM/GPRS fixed network
– how GSM/GPRS networks are perceived today by industry players and Utilitis,
– Pros and cons versus private fixed network infrastructure,
– Average cost per point,
– Trend of the total cost of ownership.

C) Consideration on Metering architecture and higher degree of integration with communication technology
– trend of metering average selling price,
– cost structure of AMM systems in the 2 defined above context,
– ratio between metering and communication parts in term of structure and cost,
– list of specifications required by the future metering solutions,
– related telecommunication infrastructure requirements,
– involvement required from telecom operators to sustain this vision.

D) Conclusion
– recommendations toward metering companies, communication components suppliers, and telecom operators,
– recommendations for Standards to reach high level of interoperability.