Conference: African Utility Week
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Presenter: Stuart Fredman
Abstract: Presented by Stuart Fredman at African Utility Week

Overview of solar renewables and international trends
Why solar renewables are ideal for the South African market to 2010 and beyond:

  • The Kyoto Protocol
  • Forces from the Department of Environment Affairs and Tourism
  • RSA carbon contribution
  • Our insolation profile
  • Power supply and related constraints
  • The 10000GWh Department of Mineral and Energy white paper for renewable technologies
  • The technology
  • PV, how it is designed, deployed and its benefits
  • Thermal Solar, how it is designed, deployed and its benefits
  • International case studies
  • Opportunities vs inertia
  • The cost and time dilemma for the national utility
  • Rapid deployment
  • EIA issues
  • Location location !
  • Don’t loose this opportunity
  • Renewable Technologies and the economic realities
  • Summary
  • Q&A session