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Panel discussion: How to make hydro the feasible solution for Africa’s generation needs

Conference: Hydro Power Africa
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Presenter: John Letsipa
Abstract: Presented by John Letsipa at Hydro Power Africa

Hydropower has an enormous potential to contribute to the growing energy needs of the African continent without emitting hazardous greenhouse gases. Although Africa has one of the biggest hydropower potentials in the world, it currently uses only a fraction of its rich potential. 

The total installed capacity of hydropower in Africa, 21,000 MW, is the equivalent of the total installed power plant capacity in the Netherlands. More than half of the installed hydropower capacity of Africa is concentrated in the D.R. of Congo, Egypt, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia.

Another 3,000 MW were under construction at the end of 2006. In 23 African countries, 50% of the total power supply is provided by hydropower. The D.R. of Congo alone accounts for almost 50% of total African hydropower potential.