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Overview of the refurbishment projects in South Africa

Conference: African Utility Week
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Presenter: Kobus Steyn
Abstract: Presented by Kobus Steyn at African Utility Week

Eskom, the electricity utility supplying 95% of South Africa’s electricity, and have the generation capacity equal to  approximately 50 % of Africa’s total capacity, has embarked on some major refurbishment projects on a number of it’s power stations.

On power stations presently in production, normal statutory, planned, corrective and shutdown maintenance are executed as normal asset management processes.  Eskom has also embarked on major maintenance programs, called midlife refurbishment of power stations that have reached the age of 25 to 30 years.

Eskom has also approved the return to service projects for three of its oldest power stations in 2002. The three power stations were placed in deep storage around 1990. In the view of Eskom, these Return-to-Service projects do also fall into the category of major plant refurbishment.

Mr Steyn will present an overview of the midlife refurbishment projects on hand and such projects envisaged in the near future. He will also focus on the Return-to-Service projects of the plant placed in deep storage in 1990, and use Camden Power Station as a case study to discuss and illustrate the unique nature of these projects.