Conference: The West African Power Industry Convention
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Presenter: F. O. Enemuoh
Abstract: Presented by F. O. Enemuoh at The West African Power Industry Convention

Major drivers for power system and energy productivity in today’s highly competitive energy markets are Condition Monitoring (CM) and Preventive Maintenance (PM). Continuous on-line monitoring enables the evaluation of current condition of equipment and detection of abnormality of sensitive equipment. Also, a preventive rather than a reactive maintenance policy is desired as the most effective way of reducing costs due to unexpected failure and stoppage of power system equipment.

This paper presents the PM and CM approaches to power system equipment and components currently adopted in developed countries. The survey concentrated on some recent research and technical papers for the past fifteen years. The main objective of this work is to evaluate the most relevant and interesting implementation as they relate to the real PM and CM technologies existing today in modern electric utilities.

Keywords: PM, CM, Asset management, Reliability centred- Maintenance (RCM, Optical fiber sensor systems, Artificial Intelligence, Power Transformer

Topics of interest : • New technologies in generation and distribution • Energy management • Power quality • Energy efficiency • ICT systems • Large industry power users