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Generation Africa: Conference Program 2010

African Utility Week

Generation Africa

22 – 25 February 2010

Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday 22 February 2010

Technical Skills Africa

Workforce planning, development and retention

Session 0.1.1

Part 1:  Workforce planning

Workshop facilitator:
Yendor Felgate, Managing Partner, Emergence Consulting, Africa and Middle East, South Africa

  • The impact of economic growth on employment – planning for growth and constraint – the case for work force flexibility
  • Types of work force flexibility models and implications for employment patterns
  • How to plan, develop and maintain core competencies using a flexible workforce approach
  • Identifying measures to recognise future skills needs and production requirements in an environment of intensifying skills shortages
  • Using a talent pool approach to overcome skills shortages
  • Partnering with local training and higher education institutions to “breed” more skills
  • Strategic investment in skills development
  • Managing retention and restructuring at the same time
  • Long term career paths – when should you own or outplace skills


  • Examples from Africa and Middle East
  • Strategic case study
  • Capability Mapping toolkit demonstration

Session 0.1.2

Part 2 –  People Management – A success factor for leadership in the workplace

Workshop facilitator:
Brian Makungo, Training Manager, Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre, Zambia

  • The magic of management – why managing people effectively is critical to management success
    • The benefits and value of managing people well
    • Understanding the risks of poor people management
    • Understanding the precepts of motivating staff in the workplace
  • The mind of the manager – managing emotions
    • Containing my own emotions: remaining calm and retaining composure
    • Understanding the emotions of others: why people behave the way they do
  • Taking the leap – from a technical whiz to a people expert
    • Growing ones own confidence: a manager’s experience that benefits others
    • Expanding one’s range of competence: walking the talk in skills development
  • Mastering conflict – dealing with personal and professional differences
    • The manager’s responsibility of guiding staff
    • Managing crises while retaining the business focus
  • Communicating for results – ensuring your words create the outcome you want
    • Building confidence and security in others: confident people perform better
    • The need and power of feedback: remaining positive for improved performance
  • Managing for the ultimate goal – creating powerful performance
    • Creating a team culture that yields success
    • Competence and commitment for high performance teams
  • Self assessment and projections into the future – ensuring good intentions last
    • A personal action plan for growth as a manager
    • The potential for improvement: leveraging strengths

Conference Program Day 1

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Session 1.0.1

Opening/Keynote session
Chairman: Nellie Magubane, Acting Director General, Department of Energy, South Africa

Nicholas McDiarmid, Publishing Editor, ESI Africa, South Africa

09h00 – 09h30

The new Ministry of Energy’s vision for South Africa for the next 4 years
Honourable Minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, Ministry of Energy, South Africa

09h30 – 10h00

Powering Africa; creating opportunities; developing human capacity:  A recipe for African growth and integration into the global economy
Amb. Joseph C Wilson IV (ret), CEO, JC Wilson Investment Ventures, United States

10h00 – 11h15

Panel Discussion: Driving investment within the utility sector in Africa
Moderator: Freek Robinson, Manager: Public Affairs, SABC, South Africa


  • Honourable Minister Dipuo Peters, Minister of Energy, South Africa
  • Honourable Minister Barbara Hogan, Minister of Public Enterprises, South Africa
  • Honourable Minister Elias Mudzuri, Minister of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe
  • Victor Mathale, International Trade and Economic Development, NEPAD, South Africa
  • Steven Hayes, President, Corporate Council for Africa, United States
  • Admassu Tadesse, Group Executive: International Division, DBSA, South Africa

11h15 – 11h30

Industry accolades: Awards Programme

  • Industry Chief Executive Officer of the Year Award (3rd year)
  • Power Station of the Year Award (5th year)
  • Metering International Excellence Awards (8th year)
  • ESI Excellence Awards

Presented by Honourable Minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, Ministry of Energy, South Africa

Generation Africa

Session 1.3.1

Plant lifecycle management
Chairman: Brian Makungo, Training Manager, Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre, Zambia

13h30 – 14h00

Successes achieved in terms of maintenance planning and implementation – Hydro power plants on the river Nile
Nobert Matarutse, Technical Director, Eskom Uganda Limited, Uganda

14h00 – 14h30

Case study: The financing and accelerated refurbishment of Zimbabwe’s Hwange Power Station
Noah Gwariro, MD, Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), Zimbabwe

14h30 – 15h00

Refurbishment and rehabilitation of power plants
Nigel Volk, Senior Manager: Asset Management, Eskom, South Africa

Session 1.3.2

Technology in action
Chairman: Doug Kuni, Managing Director, Independent Power Producers’ Association, South Africa

15h30 – 16h00

Opportunities for onsite power in the African environment
Warwick de Villiers, Applications Manager : Sub-Saharan Africa, Barloworld Power, South Africa

Conference Program Day 2

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Session 2.3.1

Your energy mix – cost efficiency and security of supply
Chairman: Malcolm Fawkes, Senior Manager, Generation Business Learning Faculty, Generation Business, Eskom, South Africa

09h00 – 09h30

Realistic assessment for meeting SADC’s future demand and supply capacity
Mosad Elmissiry, Energy Expert, NEPAD Secretariat, South Africa

09h30 – 10h00

How to manage peak load from the supply side
Lawrence Musaba, Co-ordination Centre Manager & Allison Chikova, Chief Engineer, The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), Zimbabwe

10h00 – 10h30

Diversification of the energy mix and the role of IPP’s to ensure secure energy for the future
Doug Kuni, Managing Director, Independent Power Producers’ Association, South Africa

Session 2.3.2

Plant efficiency and smart generation options
Chairman: Rosemary Falcon, Co-Director, Fossil Fuel Foundation of Africa, South Africa

11h00 – 11h30

Case study:  Öresundsverket – one of Europe’s most efficient fossil-fuelled power plants
Carl-Johan Andersson, Fuel & Operations Manager, Öresundsverket CHP Plant, E.ON, Sweden

11h30 – 12h00

Case study: Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) – Majuba update
Mark van der Riet, Corporate Consultant, Fuels and Combustion Technologies, Eskom, South Africa

12h00 – 12h30

How to restore power under critical conditions
Koen Jacobs, Sales Director, Energyst, Netherlands

Session 2.0.1
Closing session

Service delivery: Changing people’s lives
Chairman: Derek Naidoo, Deputy City Manager, eThekwini Metro, South Africa

14h00 – 14h30

Working together for 2010: How local and regional co-operation will ensure a successful Fifa World cup
Ayanda Noah, Managing Director, 2010, Eskom, South Africa

This presentation will be given by the host utility to present the reality of the World cup 2010 and its effect on our resources and power. We need to prepare the industry, the nation and countries bordering South Africa for the increased pressure South Africa will be under with regard to power, water and infrastructure.

14h30 – 15h20

Feedback on sessions
Feedback on the highlights of the two days of conference sessions.  The feedback will be provided by our expert panel. 

After, there will be an opportunity for you to share your views or comments on the industry and any of the discussions that have taken place during African Utility Week with the audience.

  • Renewable Energy: Roy Weinand, eThewkini Electricity, South Africa
  • Metering, Billing/CRM Africa: Roland Hill, R&D Manager, Landis+Gyr, South Africa
  • Generation Africa: Malcolm Fawkes, Senior Manager, Generation Business Learning Faculty, Generation Business, Eskom, South Africa
  • Smart Grids, T&D Africa: Deon Louw, Regional General Manager, EDI Holdings, South Africa
  • Water Utilities Africa: Frank Stevens, Technical Director, eThekwini Water, South Africa

15h20 – 15h30

Closing remarks