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Case study: FCT Water Board

Conference: iPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development) West Africa
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Presenter: Ibrahim Jibrin
Abstract: Presented by Ibrahim Jibrin at iPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development) West Africa

The paper gives an overview as to the rationale for restructuring power sectors in general, looking at the benefits for a country to support the unbundling of the total supply sector. It addresses the possible outcomes and difference between privatisation, corporatisation, and commercialisation as possible options of choice for the power sector.

It highlights theses advantages within a regulatory framework to provide non- discriminatory access for IPP’s, an energy market concessions, joint ventures and PPP’s to enable growth in the power sector, but still enabling the energy market to be regulated to ensure limited (but sufficient controls)  to ensure power security.

It will also touch on the requirements of risks and investments as essentials for the expansion of the power sector within the background of a proper integrated energy plan as the journey map for development.

The paper closes with possible structures for PPP’s as may be applicable to the development of the power sector in Nigeria.