Conference: East African Power Industry Convention
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Presenter: David Otieno
Abstract: Presented by David Otieno at East African Power Industry Convention

This paper presents a summary of the current status, potential and progress of the Bio-fuels sector in the East African countries. It also portrays GTZ’s experiences in its support for this form of renewable energy.

The East African region in general has no widely quotable experience with commercial production and use of bio diesel (though a few pilot studies and demonstrations have been reported in Kenya and Tanzania) and only little experience with little ethanol production (Kenya had a short period of ethanol production in the 1980’s). There is significant potential for bio fuel production from locally grown crops in East Africa especially for local applications contributing to rural development.

Continued discussions of all involved stakeholders- such as policy makers, private sector, development organisations, small-scale farmers and end users- are necessary in order to agree on and put in place a system for sustainable production, distribution, and use in order to gain from bio fuel production and use; as well as policy and strategy formulation.