Conference: The West African Power Industry Convention
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Presenter: Jonathan Amoako-Baah
Abstract: Presented by Jonathan Amoako-Baah at The West African Power Industry Convention

Utilities are set up to provide a service to meet the demand of their services by the populace.  The service or product may be electric power, water or gas.  In order to meet the demand of consumers, the utilities need to put in place plans and programmes to satisfy consumer demands.  Without these plans and programmes, there may be a shortfall or excess of the product which would result in dire consequences in both cases.

In the case of a shortfall, there may be the need to resort to power load shedding and its cascading effect on industry and commerce.  In such cases there may be layoffs of workers, under production leading to shortages of consumer goods etc.  In the case of excess production of electric power, there may be the need to mothball plants which would mean that the utilities would not receive any return on the investment made.

This paper looks at the plan by the VRA to meet the demand of electricity for a 10 year planning horizon.  This plan is a roll over plan revised every year.

The paper also looks at the Ghana Energy Sector Reform Programme which seeks to liberalise the power sector from governmental control and interferences so as to attract independent power producers (IPP’s) unto the Ghanaian market.