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Zanzibar launches ‘Renewable Energy Zanzibar Association’

According to local media, the motivation behind the drive was that Zanzibar depends on Tanzania for power supply, which at times leads to the island’s residents experiencing power cuts.

Speaking at the official launch, REZA chairperson Mussa Haji Mussa, said: “With multiple sources of renewable energy, Zanzibar will use the power from solar, wind, and domestic wastes for heating and lighting homes, schools and other buildings.”

Mussa highlighted that reliable and affordable power in homes would enable students to study at night as well as a variety of commercial and industrial uses, which according to him will eventually minimise the rate of unemployment.

Zanzibar holds renewable energy advantage

He stated that there was completely no justification for the country to still be living without electricity when the island has a big advantage of renewable energy resources.

“We are prepared to promote research in renewable energy, with consideration of protecting [the] environment. We have sufficient sun and wind throughout the year, enough to generate power for our people,” Mussa said.

He also advised that government should invest in renewable energy.

REZA objectives

Ftari Mzee Ali, from REZA, disclosed the organisation’s objectives, which includes promoting sustainable development of renewable energy through advancing knowledge and skills using better experiences.

She explained that the objectives include: “To manage knowledge and publicise information; facilitate market development of renewable energy technologies, applications, services and support. The creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy market….”

Deputy Minister of land, water, energy and environment Juma Makungu Juma welcomed the association. “We have been impressed by REZA particularly [with] its objectives, which include conservation of environment, and aiming at reducing unemployment burden facing the country,” Juma said.

He said Zanzibar requires multiple sources of renewable energy for its development programmes, which would attract more investors to develop light industries.

Babalwa Bungane
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