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Tidal power rocks the energy landscape through approved grid connection

In international news, the renewable energy landscape shifted last week following the announcement that the mega 3.24GW tidal project in the Severn Estuar will soon connect to the national grid.

The project developers, Tidal Lagoon Power, said in a statement that the project is expected to generate among the cheapest electricity of all new power stations built in the UK.

“The project, located between Cardiff and Newport, has been selected as the first to employ at full-scale the blueprint being established by the pathfinder Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, a consented, world-first project awaiting final sign off by the UK Government in the coming weeks,” the power firm said.

Tidal power project

Tidal Lagoon Power’s chief executive, Mark Shorrock, said: “Our offer to the UK Government is to contract Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon for a lower subsidy per megawatt hour than Hinkley Point C.

“While we await the Government’s response to this offer and to the independent Hendry Review of tidal lagoons, we have continued our development work on the subsequent programme.” Read more…

Shorrock added: “Today we have secured the grid connection for a tidal power station equal in installed capacity to Hinkley Point C.

“Looking at the pounds per megawatt hour unit cost of new build power stations, nuclear is currently priced in the nineties, the latest offshore wind projects are expected to drop into the seventies and our models show Cardiff Tidal Lagoon beating them all in the sixties.

“What’s more, by leveraging the commanding position taken by UK industry preparing for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, the supply chain contracts awarded for Cardiff Tidal Lagoon will be worth more than £6 billion [$8 billion] to UK companies”.


Featured image: Tidal Lagoon Power

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